Anaheim Packing District Developer to Create ‘Area of the Arts’ in San Marcos

Council Approves Initial Agreement to Sell Land Near the 78

The City Council preliminarily approved a purchase and sale agreement with LAB Holdings, LLC for the large triangle property east of Grand Plaza near Highway 78. LAB, which is the innovative developer of unique areas such as the Anaheim Packing District, intends to develop an Area of the Arts where artisans gather to create, collaborate and share their crafts. The concept, which intends to “elevate placemaking” and promote local culture and businesses, includes artisan maker spaces, a large park, entertainment and food venues. While it will take several years to develop the concept, it is a compelling new entertainment and cultural opportunity for San Marcos and North County.

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Remembering the 2014 Cocos Fire

Four years ago today, the Cocos Fire broke out in San Marcos. It was a devasting event that tested the mettle of our city. I’m reposting a blog I put out two days after the fire started as well as a gallery of photos and videos I took during and after the blaze. They are a great reminder of the importance of supporting our fire and public safety teams, as well as staying vigilant about fire safety.  

San Marcos Proud

Originally Posted May 16, 2014 - 8PM – By Chris Orlando

The last 48 hours have been difficult for the residents of San Marcos. It has been gut wrenching to see our ridgelines and hillsides, the city’s defining features, completely ablaze, knowing how many homes and families are at risk or displaced.  The families that have lost their homes have their community’s deepest sympathies.

But in the last 48 hours, I have also seen and experienced many things that have me incredibly proud of our city – proud of our firefighters and sheriff’s deputies, proud of our city staff and proud of our community and its residents.

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Why I voted for Fenton, and against Brookfield MU4

The City Council recently voted on housing development projects by H.G. Fenton Company and Brookfield Residential. While these projects seem similar, there are critical differences in the impact they will have on the city’s infrastructure.  Both projects were General Plan Amendments that changed the land-use designation to residential and added a similar number of units. I voted for the Fenton project, and against the Brookfield MU4 project. Here’s why:

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San Marcos residents fighting to block development by referendum


February 25, 2018 - BY DEBORAH SULLIVAN BRENNANquote3.png

San Marcos residents opposed to a 220-home development on Twin Oaks Valley Road have collected signatures for a referendum against the project.

Residents who fear a planned development will create problems for roads, schools and safety in San Marcos are trying to take the project to voters in November, in hopes of reversing the City Council’s approval.

About 80 volunteers circulated petitions at local parks, cafes, and school drop-off and pickup sites in recent weeks in an effort to get the 4,224 signatures required to place the issue on the November election. They say they have collected 5,000 signatures, and will submit them to the city clerk for validation next week.

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San Marcos City Councilmember Chris Orlando Announces Campaign for Mayor

Campaign to focus on reducing traffic, improving infrastructure and protecting quality of life


San Marcos, California, February 2, 2018 – Three-term City Councilman Chris Orlando today announced his campaign for Mayor of San Marcos.  Orlando, who has served on the San Marcos City Council since 2006, announced his intention to run for mayor through social media and an email to supporters.    

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The Coast News



Father and son reach ‘term limits’ on council and high school hoops

SAN MARCOS — Chris Orlando and his son, Ryan, are at a crossroads that few father-and-son duos face together.

Call it ‘term limits’ — figuratively and literally.

Chris Orlando is a San Marcos City Councilman in the final year of his last four-year term of office. Ryan Orlando, 18, is a standout basketball player at San Marcos High School, playing his final high school basketball season.

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