Chris_Orlando-IMG_0008-Final-4x5_V.jpgSan Marcos is a great place to live, but our quality of life faces many challenges that we must solve. Now is the time to look forward and define what kind of city we want San Marcos to be in the future. Do we want unchecked growth that crowds our streets and schools? Or do we want to set the bar higher and demand that new projects improve our infrastructure, bring new services and add to the character of San Marcos?  

I am running for Mayor to continue what has made San Marcos strong, while working hard to solve the problems that impact our quality of life.

In the next four years my priorities will be:

Reducing Traffic Congestion

  • Implementing solutions to our traffic challenges by completing key infrastructure projects to improve traffic circulation on our city streets
  • Using the city’s Congestion Management fund to find new ways to ease traffic
  • Providing regional leadership to find a solution to gridlock on the 78 – with a defined timeline and funding
  • Opposing projects that add to our traffic headaches without contributing significantly to the infrastructure we need to support our growth


Keeping Our City’s Finances and Infrastructure Strong

  • Maintaining a conservative approach to city finances, keeping our budget balanced and our fiscal house in order
  • Taking concrete steps to ensure the city’s streets, buildings and other infrastructure are well-maintained
  • Continuing strong support for public safety by adding a new fire station and increasing resources for fire and sheriff personnel


Planning for Our Future

  • Supporting only projects that make significant additions to our quality of life, improve our local economy, or bring needed infrastructure and services
  • Actively promoting economic development to attract new companies to San Marcos and to help retain existing local businesses


Improving Quality of Life

  • Continuing to expand our parks and trails system by acquiring or protecting more park land in San Marcos
  • Improving programs for families, seniors and students who call San Marcos home
  • Protecting our ridgelines, open spaces and natural resources that make San Marcos a special place to live


If you have any questions about my agenda, feel free to email me at or call me at (760) 468-7273.