Chris Orlando for Mayor of San Marcos


San Marcos is an amazing city - home to some of the best parks, schools and communities in Southern California. 

During my nearly 12 years on the City Council I've worked hard to add new parks, maintain a high level of public safety, strengthen city roads and infrastructure, and most important, to keep San Marcos on solid financial footing with a balanced budget and strong reserves. 

As great as I believe San Marcos is, I also know we face challenges from increasing traffic congestion, crowding in our schools, and pressures on our infrastructure. These are problems that must be addressed or we risk losing what makes San Marcos special. We need leadership that is willing to make the tough decisions and to put the quality of life of San Marcos residents above everything else. That's why I'm running for Mayor. 

When I was first elected to City Council in 2006, my goal was to be a strong voice for the residents of San Marcos. In my time on City Council, I’ve tried to do exactly that – standing up when I thought residents’ voices were not being heard. I am running for Mayor to continue what has made San Marcos strong, while working hard to solve the problems that impact our quality of life.

I will take a resident-first perspective and do everything I can to make San Marcos an even better place to live.  

Between now and the November 2018 election, I’ll be actively seeking the support of San Marcos residents. Please join me. Together, we can keep San Marcos a thriving city for families, seniors, and students.

Thank you for your support!


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